Sound´s Lair Studio

Sound & music

Audiovisual experimentation

Here you will find my personal sound experiments and compositions using synths and Max/Msp programming.

Stone Chant

Modular synth improvisation

Visuals are created after the performance and react to the existing audio using oscilloscopes from Max.


Electronic Piece

I composed this piece using excerpts of improvisations with modular synths.

Homage to George Carlin

Modular synth improvisation.

For this improvisation I used excerpts from a speech of this great artist and comedian.

VR exhibition museum arnhem

Sound Design for web VR experience.
Developed by 01x.Digital

Human voices and kalimba create a calm atmosphere for this experience.

Visit experience HERE

VR exhibition Pieter Riezebos.

Sound Design for VR experience.
Developed by 01x.Digital & no_fish

A VR exposition made for the Dutch artist Peter Riezebos. In this experience you van view 14 of his paintings. Exhibited in a space inspired by the former library of Hardewijk, now the studio of Peter Riezebos.

For Personal Use Only

Sound on set. Short movie directed by Roos Drenth.

A day in curious antique shop. In the back of the shop, two spirited vintage dolls, Bodo and Berta, are delighted that they have been rediscovered by the owner. But then something happens that they had not foreseen.


Johannes Fend´s solo album "Journey"


Johannes Fend

#No Filter

Sound on set for the sketch #No Filter.
Directed by Anil Wagemans


What would happen if we would get rid of the filters that prevent us from saying what we really think...?
In other words:
Why You Shouldn’t Be Brutally Honest.

Watch Here

swipe me

Sound on set for web series "swipe me". 6 episodes.
director: André pijnappel

What's the worst thing you've ever experienced on a first date?

This series about first dates and the weird and unusual situations that can come up.

Full episodes


Sound design & music composition

At Sound´s Lair we breed new sounds for all kinds of needs.

What we offer:

_Original music

_Recording on set for film.

_Post-production, mixing & mastering.

_Sound implementation in VR experiences/games using Unity Engine.


Contact us for any question.

We are based in Ede, Gelderland (NL)


NL +31 619 352 014